Bunk beds are usually loved and used by children.  Thousands of children receive treatment for injuries due to falling off from the bed every year.  When children fall from the beds most of them have fairly minor injuries.  However, sometimes, serious injuries can happen due to the falling or the children being entrapped in the bunk beds result in death the children.

One of the major causes of death is entrapment of head under the guardrails of the bunk bed.  Close the space between the lower edge of a guardrail and the top surface of the mattress to reduce the risk of falling.  Close the lower edge of the guardrail and the upper edge of the bed frame to 3-1/2 inches or less.

There should be a support to prevent the movement of mattresses and cross wires are necessary for the mattresses or foundations resting only on ledges. With the help of screws and bolts securely fasten the support to ledges of both beds. With help of wood slats, metal straps or sturdy wires you can provide support.

Use a bunk bed with two side guardrails on the upper bunk. Playing around the bed may also cause accidents and make sure that the children will use the ladder instead of chair or other furniture.  Avoid the collapse of bunk bed by inspecting all mattress support fin tabs and for breads or cracks in the metal or welds.