Getting bunk beds with mattresses is an easy option to getting the pieces of your kids bunk bed collection separately.

We all know how important it is to choose a great and comfy mattress for your bed.

A bad or inferior mattress that is too soft and not comfortable can lead to a lousy night of sleep, and the next morning can be even worse. Bad mattresses can lead to a rotten day, and even back problems down the road..

Getting the mattress that works best for your kids is something you should take seriously, and bunk beds are no exception. In fact, due to the different kind of designs of different bunkbeds, it may be even more important to make sure you choose a really great mattress for your child’s bunk bed.

Although you can buy bunk beds with mattresses, some bunk beds come without mattresses as people only want the frame.

If you are shopping for a bunk bed mattress, without the frame you’ll want to make sure of the size you will need.

If you do not choose the right size you risk putting a child in danger. If you go with a mattress that is too small for the frame a child’s arm or leg can get stuck in that space between the bunk bed frame and the mattress.

So be sure to get a mattress that will fit well into whichever bunk bed you choose.

Be sure to take accurate measurements.

A note about the different types of mattresses:

There are mainly 2 mattresses to choose from: innerspring or foam.

Innerspring mattresses are more common, and they rely on wire coils for firmness and durability. A wider coil equals a firmer mattress.

Foam mattresses, have no coils, and are made up completely of foam. With the new memory foam that is very popular now these type of mattresses are becoming very popular for bunk beds.

The better quality of the mattress, generally will be reflected with a higher price, but lie down on the beds yourself and have your kids lie down on them.

If you haven’t already bought your bunk bed it just may be easier to not get everything separately – frame and then mattress. If you’re the type who likes easy, purchase bunk beds with mattresses.