Bunk beds are a terrific way to add space to your home.  What kid doesn’t spend countless nights dreaming of a set of bunk beds?  It is an age old novelty, one that has never gotten old.  Kids generations ago adored bunk beds, and they are still a huge hit today.  If you want to get a set of bunk beds for your kids, consider building your own from bunk bed plans.  This is a great way to save a lot of money if you are even a little bit handy.  You can put together a great piece of furniture and make the dreams of your children come true, all at the same time.

Many bunk bed sets have ladders that lead to the top bunk.  Some experts suggest that this type of construction can lead to more injuries.  Instead of a set of bunk beds with a ladder, consider searching for stairway bunk beds.  Plus, the stairway bunk bed have an integrated set of drawers for increased storage space.  In a child’s bedroom, any storage space is at a premium—every nook and cranny counts!

Bunk beds can be the answer to your space issues in your home.  By bunking your kids, you can literally double the space in their bedroom, allowing for extra play space or room for dressers or desks.  Keeping everything organized and neat makes everyone’s life easier!  Plus, remember, every kid is dreaming of having a bunk bed, so what’s stopping you?