Most kids survive bunk beds quite happily, but a few precautions never hurt anyone.  Here are three tips to make bunk beds safer.

1.  Put a cordless nightlight on the ladder; it’ll make it a bit safer if the top bunker wants to descend in the dark of night.

2.  Don’t allow the bunk bed to be used as a trampoline — ever. Jumping on or from the bed can collapse it and/or cause injuries from poor landings.

3.  Make sure your bunk bed has what should be typical safety features:

  • guardrail on the top bunk (with no more than a 3-1/2-inch gap between the guardrail and the side rails);
  • upper mattresses supported by wires or slats that are fastened at both ends and run directly under the mattress;
  • snug-fitting mattresses with no gaps between the mattress and edge of the frame that a small child could get trapped in.